How To Set Up Amazon Tap

We all know that amazon’s echo tap is one of the best smart speakers in the echo series. Just like other Echo devices, it automates your everyday tasks after receiving your voice instructions. But before getting your amazon tap to work, you have to finish the Amazon tap setup first. which requires a home WiFi, Echo Tap device, and a smartphone.

You can also use your computer if you don’t have a smartphone to connect your echo tap to the wifi network and set it up. Because wifi internet is the most important thing for the Echo tap setup and your echo tap can’t do anything without it.

What are the requirements for Echo Tap Setup?

There are a few basic requirements which you have to complete for completing the entire Tap set up in an easy manner:

  1. Working Internet Connection.
  2. Amazon Account.
  3. Alexa Application.

Though the echo tap comes with the instruction manual. Despite that, it is hard for users to set it up. That is why we have introduced some simple steps that would help you in the Amazon Echo Tap setup below.

Steps to Setup Amazon Echo Tap

At first, you have to connect Amazon Echo and smartphone to WiFi & customize the settings of your Echo tap.

  1. Connect your Tap with a Power socket to start the echo tap setup.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and you will get to see Alexa Message.
  3. After that, you have to download the Alexa application on your cellphone.
  4. At the same time, the Echo tap will take you to the setup mode while showing you an orange light.
  5. After launching the Alexa app, Login to it from your Amazon account.
  6. Click on the devices tab on the Alexa app home screen.
  7. Press on the “plus” button and tap on the “add device” option on the next page.
  8. Tap on the “Amazon Echo” and select the “Amazon Tap” option.
  9. Press on the “yes” bar if you see the orange light on your Echo tap.
  10. Now, select your home wifi network name and enter its correct password for connecting your echo tap to wifi.
  11. Now you will receive the message Echo tap is getting ready for connection.
  12. Once the Echo tap gets connected with the home wifi network, a message will appear saying the echo tap setup complete.
Echo tap setup

Customization of echo tap Device

  • Now, you should be reading the terms and conditions of the device and press on the “Continue” option.
  • Click on the “Customize Alexa” option after getting the Alexa app home screen.
  • After navigating towards the setting screen of the Alexa app, you require clicking on “Set up a new device”.
  • Choose the device you want to set up after pressing on the Echo.
  • Now, choose the language, and hit on the “Continue”.
  • In this specific step, you need to start setting up the device. Here, you require hitting on the “Connect to WiFi”.
  • You should wait till the light ring is turned on and till the orange light indication gets displayed.
  • If you don’t see orange color on your Alexa. Then, in this case, you should wait for sometime after which you should be pressing and holding on the action button, which is present on the upper part of the Amazon tap for at least 4-6 seconds.
  • As the Setup mode of the device turns on, you should be following the Alexa app setup instructions on the Alexa app itself.
  • Now, press on the “Continue” button to finish the echo tap setup.
how to setup echo tap

Completion Of The Alexa Tap setup process

  • Go to the “Select WiFi network” screen on the Alexa app, and click on the WiFi network of your echo tap. Sometimes its network name might differ according to the device.
  • Press on “Add Network” if you don’t get any echo network in the list because of your WiFi that is setting to the particular private network. In case the name of the home WiFi does not get included in the list, this operation is not required.
  • Now, type the WiFi network name as well as its password for connecting your echo tap to WiFi and press on the “Connection” option.
  • Now, You will receive the message displaying “Echo is preparing to Connect”, when your echo try to connect to your home WiFi network. You will get the Set up Complete message once it’s done.

If even after performing these steps, you are unable to complete the echo tap setup. Then you can reach out to our technical support department. We have a team of experienced customer care experts to provide you top-quality technical support services. For further details, contact us by filling up the contact us form or get a solution to your queries via our Live Chat option.

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