Alexa won't connect to wifi

The Amazon Echo smart speakers are efficient & can easily connect to the internet. But, Sometimes, Your Alexa won’t connect to Wifi due to internet connectivity issues. That is why it keeps connecting to Wi-fi again and again until it gets the working web connection.

Alexa Echo depends heavily on the wireless internet to work. That is why You must have an efficient wifi network to communicate with your Amazon Echo. Your Amazon Echo won’t talk, process directions, or stream media if it is not connected to wifi internet. So, If your Echo won’t connect to wifi, Then, you will have to fix all internet connectivity issues to solve this problem.

If your Alexa Echo shows you an orange light indication at the time of Alexa dot setup. Then, it’s normal. Just because your Echo is connected to the WiFi network, that doesn’t mean that the internet connection between your DSL modem or the Internet and cable is active & working. In the absence of internet connectivity, Your Alexa smart speaker keeps trying hard to reconnect with the Wifi and the WiFi tries to connect with the Internet service provider to receive internet signals.

The reasons behind Alexa won’t link to Wi-Fi are not the same every time. Sometimes, your router or modem might need a restart; other times there might be a physical object blocking the Wi-Fi signal.

Fix your Amazon Echo won’t Connect To Wifi Issue With Alexa App

Here we have given a step by step guide that will help you to connect your Echo to Wi-Fi. These wi-fi troubleshooting tips will help you get your Alexa Echo online and work after taking your voice commands.

  1. Restart your Echo And Wi-Fi Router

Restart your Wi-Fi Router and Amazon Echo after unplugging the cable from your Amazon Echo and power switch and re-plug it again after a few seconds. This Echo restart will take around 5 minutes. By doing that, you can easily fix the Amazon Echo won’t connect to wifi issue.

  1. Connect your Echo to Correct Wi-Fi Network

If you have 2-3 Wi-Fi connections at your accommodation, where only one Wi-Fi works appropriately, or If you have connected your Echo to these Wi-Fi networks previously. Then check if it’s connected to the correct wifi internet. Likewise, if you have a double band Wi-Fi set-up. Then, verify the Wi-Fi network presently connected with your Alexa Echo with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app connected to your Echo.
  • Click on the “Devices” option at its bottom.
  • Go to the “Echo & Alexa” option and select your Amazon Echo device from that list.
  • Now, The Echo App will redirect you to the settings of your Alexa devices.
  • Enter down the Wi-Fi name in the Wi-Fi network option below.
  • As Alexa app doesn’t provide you the Forget Wi-Fi network option. That is why, You have to either switch-off the Wi-Fi Router, change its password key And restart your Echo to Start the Alexa Setup again.
  1. Confirm if the Security Key Of Your Wi-Fi Is Correct

Double-check the WiFi password that you have Setup with your Echo if the wireless network is safe. Forget and Re-enter the accurate wi-fi network password, if your Alexa won’t connect to wifi.

  1. Place your Amazon Echo near Wi-Fi router

The Signals of your Wi-Fi router can’t travel to a very long distance without debasing. Sometimes, your Alexa won’t connect to wifi since it’s located outside your router’s wifi signals range. That is why you have to Place your Amazon Echo closer to the wireless router and try to connect them again.

  1. Update your Amazon Alexa App when your Alexa won’t connect to wifi

Regularly update the Alexa app on your Windows computer or phone to stay away from all kinds of wifi related problems. Alexa app version updates fix most of the wifi connections & Echo app functionality related issues.

  1. Reset Alexa To Factory Defaults

You can reset your Alexa to the factory defaults if it won’t connect to the wifi network. It’s one of the most reliable techniques for fixing the “Alexa is not connecting to the wifi” issues.

  1. Check the Ring light indication to see the Alexa Wi-Fi Status

Use the ring light indication on your Echo to examine the status of your Amazon Alexa. Violet or orange lights on Echo means that it has a WiFi problem or your Echo dot is offline.

Alexa won't connect to wifi

Alexa won't connect to wifi after Power outage

The power outage is also one of the major reasons if your Alexa won’t connect to wifi internet network. As you know Amazon Echo depends on an electric power source to get power. But, if it starts to get interruptions and problems in the electricity supply, Then, it will keep disconnecting from the wifi and will not be able to do anything without the internet.

Alexa won't connect to wifi says incorrect password

  • Update the password of your Wi-Fi

Entering incorrect passwords is often the root cause of the “Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi” problem.  If you have just changed the password of your internet wifi internet recently. Then, you will have to update that new wifi password in your Alexa app as well.

To update the latest wifi password to the Alexa app. You can go to your Echo system settings and tap on the Change next to the Wi-Fi option. Then follow the instructions on the Alexa app to update the correct Wi-Fi password. Just like that, you can connect your Alexa to wifi.

  • Change your Wi-Fi password into a simple password

Some Echo systems aren’t completely pleased if their Wi-Fi password has complicated or unique characters.

We suggest that you change your Wi-Fi password to non-complex characters and make it simpler and then update it on the Alexa app to solve the “Alexa won’t connect to wifi issue”.

Alexa won't connect to wifi due to incorrect password

Alexa won't connect to wifi extender

    1. Disable/remove WI-FI extender

While the main aim of extenders is to expand the range of Wi-Fi internet signals, often using them with the Amazon Echo doesn’t go well. So Don’t connect the Echo to the extenders and directly connect the Alexa to your Wi-Fi router to stay away from network connectivity issues.

    1. Modify your Router Security

Your Wi-Fi router might have a WPA+WPA2 security type on it. If none of the above fixes solve the echo won’t connect to the wifi issue. Then, change the security type of your wifi router to either WPA or WPA2 only. The steps differ from router to router, so search your model number for Wi-Fi routers and look for instructions accordingly.

    1. Alexa App update

You might be facing problems in using your Amazon echo because you haven’t updated the Alexa app on your phone to the latest version.When you update your Alexa app to the latest version. It automatically fixes many wifi related bugs, issues, and problems.

    1. Reset your Alexa

You will need to reset your Amazon Echo if nothing works. To reset the Amazon Alexa, you have to remove and restore all the settings to the factory defaults. After that, You will have to set it up just like the latest Amazon Echo again.

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Alexa won't connect to wifi extender