Is your Echo show not responding to voice commands

Echo Show not responding to voice commands issue is very frustrating for an Alexa owner. As we know that Echo Alexa devices have achieved a lot of success in a very short span of time. Its main credit goes to its amazing Personal voice Assistant Alexa. Echo Alexa has the ability to handle tasks on voice commands. It is very convenient and comfortable facility that also takes full care of your entertainment.

It sounds really great that your echo Alexa can operate all the smart devices connected to it. But, what to do when your Echo Show suddenly stops working when you give any command to Alexa and she ignores it. Sometimes, It can be quite disappointing and irritating to deal with an Echo Show not responding issue.

But if you have a little technical knowledge and you are familiar with some easy ways to fix the unresponsive Echo Show. Then, it becomes very simple for you to solve this issue. In case, if you do not know the methods of troubleshooting the Echo Show, then, don’t worry. This blog gives an effective solution to your above problem. Apart from all this, if you do not understand how to make Alexa listen to you and respond to you accordingly. Then,  head towards contacting the Alexa Customer Service.

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Echo show not responding

Step by step guide to fix Echo show not responding to voice commands issue

Now quickly, without losing time, look at the ways to fix the issue of your Echo Show not responding to your voice commands.

  • If The Microphone Button Of Our Echo Show Is Off, Then Turn It On.

The microphone of your Echo Show is the input medium to send your voice commands to Alexa or it is like ears of your personal voice assistant. Hence, if the microphone button of your echo show is turned off, then, nothing would be audible to Alexa. Therefore, press the mic button on the top surface of your Echo Show to fix this issue. Now give Alexa a command, like “Alexa, announce Happy Birthday”. If it responds then your problem is fixed otherwise move to the next step.

  • Check if your Alexa is getting proper power and internet supply

Make sure if your Echo show is getting sufficient power and wifi internet supply from the power and internet source.

  • Check that your cell phone and Echo are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

If your smartphone and Alexa device are connected to two different wifi networks. Then, your Alexa will not work and react to your voice commands. That is why you have to Make sure that your Echo and cell phone are connected to the same wifi network and confirm if your Alexa can hear you.

  • Restart Your Echo Show

Restarting your Echo Show can stop all mess happening inside and restart everything in a new way. To do so, First, make sure your Alexa is able to listen to you. If the ring light of your Echo Show is indicating the blue light indication, then, it means, that your Alexa can listen to you, if not, then, that means that your microphone is turned off. Turn on the mic if it’s off.

Echo dot speaker not responding to voice

Now, disconnect your echo show from the power source and then unplug the wire connecting from the bottom of your Echo Show. Wait 30 seconds and again connect both cables to the relevant points on the device. Wait until your Echo connects to the Wifi. Echo Alexa connects with Wifi within 2 minutes. Now, give it a command and check the result.

  • Reset Your Echo Show For Its Factory Settings

When all the hits and trials seem to be unsuccessful, resetting your echo show device to its factory settings can be an effective solution to make your Echo Show responsive. The factory resetting your Echo show will clear all the previous settings from your device.

Now, To do a factory reset on your Echo Show, locate the reset hole at the base of your Echo Show and press the reset button by using a small paperclip. After that, the blue ring light of your Echo will turn orange. Your device will be turned on and turn off automatically. Wait until the process of restarting your echo show completes. Now go to your Alexa app and complete the Alexa setup for your Amazon Echo Show device.

      • Enable Or Disable the privacy of Your Echo Show

Sometimes your Alexa does not respond even after doing a hard reset. Hence, enabling Alexa’s privacy is important. At the bottom of the nucleus screen, there will be a button of Alexa. Tap that button once, it will enable Alexa. Press the same button again, this time your Alexa will begin listening to you.

      • Make sure to place the Alexa device in the Wi-Fi range

Your Alexa will not work and respond to your voice commands if you have placed it away from the internet router. Locating your echo show near your Wifi router at least 9 inches away from the wall will fix this issue for you.

Alexa not working
      • Use Voice Training Tool To Train Your Alexa

If your Echo Show not responding to voice commands, then, there might be some issues related to your accent.

      1. Therefore, you can use the Voice Training Tool.
      2. Open the Alexa app, go to the menu, and select settings.
      3. Choose the Voice Training option.
      4. Now loudly and clearly speak some phrases you think you will most probably use to give a command to your Alexa.
      5. By doing so your Alexa will be able to understand your voice commands more effectively.

Hopefully, the above tried and trusted methods will help you in troubleshooting your Echo Show not responding to your voice commands issue. If you need any help regarding the Alexa setup or reset, then you can connect with Alexa Customer Service at any time. If the above methods are not working with your device, then there might be some hardware issues in your Echo Show. to fix these issues, you should contact a reliable Echo Show service center near you.

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